S/V/C70 Stuck in 3rd Gear - Volvo V70

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2002 V70 automatic appears to be stuck in 3rd gear. Extremely slow and high revs to take off but ok at speed. It just happened today when I took off from a set of lights.  No check engine lights or warnings on dash

this happened before and the mechanic just cleared the codes and apart from a rough start it learned itself again. 

it’s happened now and whilst I can get it to mechanic on Monday I’m wandering for future can the codes be cleared by pulling the ECU fuse for 15 minutes or only by a OBD reader. And if OBD readers are needed what would you recommend. Can they all completely reset or do some reset better than others?

I will look at readers to fix myself in the future. It’s a common occurrence on these cars apparently but ok after reset. (And yes permanent fix will be looked at but it’s expensive at the moment) 

If we go the VIDA reader we need to have the software and pay for a subscription don’t we?


  • What year is the V70?

    As silly as it sound is does the gear box have a winter mode button? That may have been accidentally pressed ( winter mode starts in 3 gear). Also you can try to disconnect the battery or pull any fuses Labelled ecu/ecm but disconnecting the battery is a safer option. it will depend on the fault if it can be reset this way or will require a service tool.

    There used to be dice units and cracked vidia and dice units on ebay all the time fairly cheap

    I recently purchased this form ebay I haven't received it yet but hopefully its all good. No dice unit tho as I don't require it

  • 2001 model. There is a winter mode and did press it but no lights on the gears at the moment (since this started) and even no gears displayed on the dash. I’ll try the ECU reset in the future but might get mechanics to pull codes on this time anyway.

  • nut3yNutmeg @nut3y Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    I had the same issue with my 850 being stuck in third gear. Codes said 2nd gear shift solenoid was bad. I pulled the TCM and jokingly blew into both it and the connector on the car, took it for a spin and the issue was fixed. Always try the easiest things first although the 5spd doesnt appear to be as hardy as the 4spd, still worth a shot though.

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