S90 My Aus Delivered 1999 S90 Royal

Hi All,

It has been a while since I have been active on the Oz Volvo forum. So thought I would start by posting a couple of photos of my 1999 Volvo S90 Royal.

I have owned many different makes, models and styles of vehicles from HSV’s to Toyota Land-cruisers. Some brand new, most newer than the S90.....Not to mention owning a variety of Volvos including an 04 S60 R. Having owned the S90 now for nearly 4 years, It would have to be my favourite car so far. Not at all breaking drag race records, but she is rare/unique, comfortable, surprisingly fuel efficient and most of all, reliable. Mostly driven on country/interstate road trips, the S90 is the perfect companion to eat up the kilometres.



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