7x 240s for parts from 1980-1990 sedans and wagons, auto and M46, pick up Daylesford VIC

OK new thread started for the cars I'll be picking up from @polaris1955

7x 240s for parts - I'll be giving away parts/cars or selling the more desirable bits for reasonable prices to cover the fuel cost and a bit of labour for us to retrieve the cars and remove the bits. Maybe best to PM me with requests and I'm going to keep a list of what people need/want. I'm happy to post smaller bits at buyer's expense within reason.

I only just saw the cars today and haven't had time to get a really good look at what all is there, but from Wayne's original listing "Models: 1984 od manual sedan, 1989 auto sedan, 1983 auto wagon, 1990 auto sedan, 1983 od manual sedan, 1980 od manual wagon. The boots of the cars have also been used to store a plethora of Volvo parts." You get the idea. This is in addition to my already insane hoard of other 240 bits from over the years LOL! Might need to have an "open day" once we have all the cars here.



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