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XC70 XC70 P2 Steering rack issues

Hey all, so it looks like my money pit XC70 is going to require a new steering rack, starting to groan on turning, new front suspension so I think that is not the point of the noise, obviously more investigating needed, but where would be the best and affordable place to acquire a new/refurbished new rack.

going to change the oil this weekend and hope for the best but, i think the writing is on the wall...




  • Adrian,

    My XC90 groans when filled with "power steering fluid", but is fine with the Pentosin factory fluid (or the Penrite LDAS equivalent IIRC). If you don't have any leaks or clunks, it's probably just a fluid change but they're sensitive to the fluid. (My rack is badly worn on passenger side - new inner and outer balljoints but there's too much vertical movement. I've been expecting to need to change it since I bought am interested in your original question also...but 120,000km later it's no worse, doesn't leak and still passes rego...)

    Good luck, Nathan

  • nathan,

    thanks mate, I have some volvo power steering fluid on back order but will go with the penrite fluid and do a change, I have a new power steering bottle to fit as well (leaking...) hopefully I can get more life out of it, i don't know how many kms it has done, but its not leaking so far.



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