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XC90 Problem: Reverse Camera and Black Screen

edited April 5 in Troubleshooting

Took my XC90 V8 (2010) on a trip to Apollo Bay over Easter.

On the trip, I got the common errors of "SRS Airbag Service Urgent", "Anti-Skid Service Required", DIM/Dash Cluster not working, and a not so common, the reverse camera is no longer working, the screen would pop up, but only a black screen would show (the reverse sensors still work).

Once home, I got the Vida/Dice out to erase all the codes, and have noticed the 'Parking Assistance Camera' (PAC) module/controller was not responding (Red).

Would anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot it? or alternative solutions?

So far, I have checked all the fuses, checking the plugs on the module (PAC and MMI), taking apart the trunk to check the camera and wiring, and nothing still seems to work.

Thank you in advance


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