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240 Need help with ECU numbers

Hey guys, long time reader but first time posting.

Recently I've been collecting parts for a +T on my 1990 240GL wagon

Bit of background is that the car was originally an auto but I swapped it over to an M46, it's got an LH2.4 system on it and the crank angle sensor on the flywheel. The ECU is the 951 and the car is a 1990 but I think the build date is actually late 89.

I'm looking for an ECU that will work for my turbo setup on which I only plan to run stock or around 7-8PSI on the B230F. Most forum posts seem to always refer back to but there I found something interesting that apparently the 951 ECU in my car is only 1993 and onwards and doesn't have a cold start injector. When I've seen my ECU for sale it's almost always out of 940 not 240

My car is 1990 not 1990+ and also does have a cold start injector (worth noting my car often has an idle problem when cold but I thought this was the ICV). So is it possible my car has already had a replacement ECU or is that list incorrect for our market or just incorrect in general?

So my questions are:

1) Is this likely to be my original ECU or is this out of the norm (possibly replaced)

2) If the 951 is my original ECU would I best to try find a 954 (turbo) as I assume it would only be a software difference for boostiness or will I be fine with the much more abundant 563 or any other turbo LH2.4 computer?

3) If I am completely incorrect with all of this can someone help me find the right ECUs for this application?

4) Does anyone know anywhere in AUS that I can find the ECU I need?

Cheers lads, sorry for any noobness



  • Firstly, welcome.

    Your idle issues may be related to the Idle Air Control valve. Presuming you have no vacuum leaks, a thorough cleaning of the IAC valve with carby cleaner couldn't hurt anything.

    Answers -

    [1] No, the 951 ECU isn't likely to be original to your car.

    [2] Later is always better when it comes to ECUs. The 954 is good, but go later to a 984 (which has OBD II) if your budget will stretch. The 563 is very reliable but it's the oldest software version.

    Don't forget that you also must replace the EZ-116K to a non-EGR turbo version, like a 0 227 400 148, when you're going +t.

    If you want to 'chip' your EZ-K, remember the 'gold box' chippable EZ-Ks were EGR versions.

    [3] See above.

    [4] Maybe Berry's, but finding anything in OZ is difficult. Turbobricks' 'Wanted' section often works.

  • Cheers for the help!

    I have cleaned the life out of the Idle control valve and the problem still continued but even with power to the terminals it made no audible click or anything so I ordered a new one to put in. I doubt it's a vacuum as all my hoses are new and replaced not long ago and I can't find any obvious leaks. Just thought it may be related to the ECU but who knows it's not a major issue yet.

    984s are around $500 shipped on ebay which isn't the end of the world but still raises the budget a bit. Is that a fairly normal price for these boxes? it seems reasonable value for what it is.

    Also would it be more cost effective to just chip the 951 I already have (assuming it is chippable)? is there much downside to that over a legit turbo computer?

    As for the EZK I stole all these parts of a ratty 240 sedan that was +T'd with 740 turbo parts (LH2.2). It had a turbo EZK in it with the numbers 0 261 201 012 on the label and 1 346 469 on the side. I planned to use it but now I'm questioning if this is a suitable EZK?

    Thanks for all your help. I'm going to chuck up a wanted ad

  • Ayup, you IAC may be cactus.

    Wow, 984s are expensive now, due no doubt to their rarity and desirability. In your place, I'd get a 954, get the +t conversion running correctly, and then maybe chip the NA box later. If you do chip the NA box, the 954 can then serve as your known good spare.

    Nope, 2.2 and 2.4 don't mix. The LH 2.4 EZ116-K has a lot more smarts than the EZ117-K, which is the LH2.2 version.

    You'll need the 0 227 400 148 EZ-K (the 116) to run LH 2.4.

  • ok awesome, I'll have to keep an eye out for a 954 or another non EGR 9xx ECU aswell as the 116K.

    They seem to vary in price a lot on eBay or hopefully someone replies to my wanted ad with one. And I'll call up some Volvo wreckers.

    Yeah OBDII sounds nice but it's not all that important for me. Eventually as the project deepens I'll probably swap to megasquirt or something a bit more modern.

    So essentially both the ECU and ICU should be plug and play? 117K uses my flywheel mounted sensor?

    Thanks again! ;)

  • Yup, should be plug 'n' play in a 240 which has LH 2.4 already.

    Remember that standard turbo injectors are low impedance, so you'll need to plug in the resistor pack.

    116K (LH 2.4) uses your flywheel mounted sensor; 117K (LH 2.2) uses a pickup in the distributor. The dizzy in LH 2.4 is merely a giant mechanical HT switch; dwell, timing, advance, etc is all done by the EZ-K.

  • All good I've got a resistor pack and injectors out of the parts car but otherwise I hear there's a few different injectors out of the newer 5cyl engines that should work without a resistor pack. I don't know the exact part number but I've seen them talked about plenty so I might do that if they're not too heavy or if someone has any for sale.

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