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XC60 2011 XC60 D5 cranks but won't start

Hi Guys,

The car has been running fine but today when I got home I parked in the driveway to unload some stuff from the back before putting it away in the garage.

When I tried to start the car it just cranks but won't start. I'm guessing it's fuel related but I don't have any scan tools and there is no error messages on the dash.

A quick search reveals a problem with the electrical connection to the fuel pump burning out in these cars and causing this problem but before I go dropping the fuel tank on a hunch is there anything I can check other than the fuel pump fuse which I already checked?




  • Driveway at an angle by any chance? how low is the fuel gauge?

    You would need a scan tool to see if there are any error codes stored, if the fuel pump has a wiring issue there should be a code stored for it

    ALSO... check the fuses :-)

  • No reasonably flat where I parked it. It has a full tank at the moment, I filled up 2 days ago.

    I checked the fuel pump fuse, any others I should check?

  • Fuel pump should run for 20/30 seconds when you turn the ignition on (hold start button without foot on the brake pedal)

    You could undo the drain on the fuel filter and once it's drained see it any fuel runs out when key is switched on. Avoid cranking excessively as if there is no lift pump supply you can damage the high pressure fuel pump.

  • I drained the fuel filter and then pushed start without foot on brake as suggested, I heard a very short sound like a hum but no longer than a second. I would assume with the fuel filter drained the fuel pump would have to prime for at least 5 seconds or more.

    I am also getting a low battery error on the dash now, this came on last night after trying to start it many times. I put it on my trickle charger over night and it came up to full charge according to the smart charger but the error is still there. The battery is only a couple of years old at most so I'm not sure if this is related or a symptom. It certainly cranks with plenty of vigor unlike a flat battery would.

  • I just swapped another battery in from my other car, low battery error went away but car won't kick over still.

    I guess I'm going to have to drop the fuel tank, it doesn't look like it's going to be easy, these cars are not really designed to be repaired, I learnt that when I rebuilt the rear differential.

  • Started dropping the tank, exhaust disconnected, was undoing main prop shaft cv joint, needed to put in neutral to spin it and reach the top bolts and the car just starts

  • Not sure what to do now, was it just another electrical gremlin that this car seems to have plenty of?

    I could continue trying to drop the tank and check that connection to the pump or just put it back together.

    I've certainly lost confidence in driving it anywhere, trading it in is tempting.

  • I've got nothing to pull codes with.

  • JoelJoel @Joel Sydney
    edited February 20

    I couldn't get the CV joint out of the diff so I just put it all back together and went for a drive. You wouldn't know there was something wrong, it drives perfectly normal.

  • JoelJoel @Joel Sydney
    edited February 23

    The car ran fine yesterday but when I got to work this morning it wouldn't start again.

    I got a scan tool now and these are the codes it's showing, any help much appreciated.






  • I have now cleared those codes and tried starting it again many times, no codes have returned.

    I then logged a few sensors whilst trying to start it.

    Fuel pressure.

    Fuel pressure at rail.

    Battery Voltage

    and a few others I can't remember, no problems showed up, it has fuel pressure and battery is fine.

    Any ideas what else to check?

  • fuel pumps play up on them done a few now

  • Thanks for your reply mate. Can you elaborate on the symptoms of this?

    What I don't understand is that it drives 100% normal when it starts, has full power, no hesitation.

    I recently had a fuel pump fail in my WRX, at first it was down a bit on power under boost and then it stopped priming altogether and wouldn't start.

    The Volvo drives like nothing is wrong so maybe it is that electrical connection on the fuel tank lid that is shorting out.

  • lets try when it doesn't start give the pump a knock and see if starts otherwise monitor fuel pressure with scan tool. If you need diagram let me know

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
  • Found it!

    Electrical connection to the fuel tank lid is burning out just like mentioned in this thread and a bunch of others, plus a handful YouTube videos.

  • JoelJoel @Joel Sydney
    edited February 27

    I went in through the top with some aviation snips, it was super easy and only took 2 minutes to expose the top of the fuel tank lid.

    I then removed the female end of the connector from the plug and test fitted it on the pin to see if it was loose and it was, you see this in the 2nd video above. I then gave it a squish with some pliers so it would make a tight connection. I then put the plug back together and re-connected it.

    I then cleaned up the edges with a flap wheel and painted the exposed metal. I cut out a lid from 2mm steel using a cardboard template to cover the hole, painted the lid and applied thick foam tape on the back side to make a seal. I used some short screws to hold it in place.

    See photos.

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