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140 Decorating your walls with Volvo bits

carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

Decided to start a new thread for this project and the general idea. I got the idea of cutting the front and back off my 164 parts cars and displaying on the wall in the shed (of course inside the home is verboten!)...so far I've cut the back off a red/orange 72 164 and I started work on cutting the front off a Safari Yellow 72. The plan is to paint them up nice, polish or paint the aluminium bumpers and re-assemble and make into wall hangings for the shed. Of course some sort of functional lighting is a must too...Haven't decided exactly how I will mount them but my original thought was to get a piece of plywood and use a router to cut a groove the same shape as the cut edge profile, then stick the whole assembled front or rear end on the plywood plinth and hang it on the wall. Another option is to just make some internal bracing to stiffen the structure and use some PVC edge guard on the cut edge. I'm sure the project will evolve (or stall?) as I go. I even had the thought of cutting the side off a car (maybe just the greenhouse) and mounting that on a backing with small shelves to display some of my model car collection through the door windows...hmmm. Might use one side of the red/orange 164, or of course a wagon would be better with the larger rear display cabinet glass! :)

As you can see, this yellow car was a bit far gone! :)



  • Got the front of the chassis and bonnet chopped off the yellow car. Not sure whether I will need the chassis bit as I might be able to just use some wood blocks on the plywood to attach the bonnet, guards, front end panel and bumper to, but best to have it if I need it.

  • Oh no...look what I accidentally won on eBay for $14.50. Picked them up today. Hmm, could be a great match for my 240 "trailer" project or cut them down and fit a couple across the width of the 245 for country driving LOL! Hmm, or on the wall! :)

  • Straight to the pool room!

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