XC90 Lower Control Arm poly bush...anyone?

Hi everyone.

my lower control arms look like they will need replacing. New ones from Volvo are insanely laughably expensive. The aftermarket ones don’t last as long.

so looking at my options I saw these rear bushes. https://powerflexaustralia.com.au/road-series/volvo-powerflex-bushes-australia/xc90-2003-onwards/front-wishbone-rear-bush/

they also sell the frame bushes inserts. For what I can tell for the lower control arms is best to change the rear bush (sits with the bolt vertically). The front poly bush can pass lots more vibrations to the car. Anyone done anything like this? What is your impression and the wear on these?

anyone know anyone in Melbourne that can do these type of work?



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Berry Motor Group , Masons Prestige , Voldat.

    They can advise on suitability too.

    Note that Volvo have halved their parts prices.

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