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Hi Everyone

My name is Ben, I'm new here and almost three years ago I put a deposit down on a 2011 Volvo C30 T5 R-Design in a different state - I really wanted a six speed manual, flew to to Sydney a couple of days later, did a test drive, purchased and drove my car back home to Melbourne. Have had no issues with it and it is a fun drive.

Instead of stockpiling toilet paper and carbohydrates during lockdown, I was able to save some money to upgrade my car. I found this forum a few days ago and started doing some reading. Got a quote from the local Volvo dealership for a Polestar upgrade and also started looking into stage 1 aftermarket tunes... a few days later I have ordered a bunch of stuff plus a stage 2 tune 😅

I have to say, the Volvo community are some of the nicest and helpful people I have dealt with. Shout out to Ash from DVS, Mark from Berry Motor Group, Rob from Hilton and Mark from VP Tuning - Thanks for answering my "noob" questions, and thanks for all the previous questions and answers on this forum.

Just looking for a few more parts to complete my set up (for now). Below are some pictures straight after I picked up the car and I am very much looking forward to making this C30 my own - any advice is welcome.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Welcome, nice one!

    Ive got the ECU relocation bracket if you are putting an aftermarket air filter in.

  • Thanks @Ex850R. For now, I am just going to change out the intake pipe, keep the original air box and swap out the air filter to a high flow one

  • Well done! They're a great fun car. We've had our 2008 model for about 8 years and love it...almost trouble-free. I have the TME/MTE tune from Mark Richardson at VP Tuning and think it's great...haven't driven one with the Polestar tune to compare though. Enjoy!

  • Thanks @carnut222! Jealous of your sunroof and number plates

  • Nice car!

    Which intake pipe are you getting?

    I put a do88 intercooler and piping kit in mine last night and I think it was well worth it, I would definitely consider it if you can afford it

  • Thanks @240 !

    I've ordered the Snabb intake pipe (pc black/black) which should be arriving today and actually ordered the Do88 intercooler last night - almost $100 cheaper from do88.se compared to do88.com.au

    Other parts I've ordered include Pumaspeed plenum, GFB T9654 DVX diverter valve, 8Eight Fab 3" downpipe with cat.

    I am looking at a Powerflex torque mount insert at the moment, but trying to figure out which one of two versions I need without having to pull it out - which might end up happening on the weekend.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra
    edited December 2020

    You should have a pretty sweet setup then! A shame you didn't order the intercooler a couple of weeks ago though, do88.se had a 15% off sale!

    Which tune are you getting? I just ordered a Hilton Stage 2.5 for mine.

    I have the Snabb intake too, it's a pain to fit but I reckon you'll be happy with it.

    If you want to upgrade the lower torque mount to something harder I think the OEM Denied one is meant to be good. I used a Ford Mondeo one which is harder than the Volvo one but it's not poly so it's not harsh.

    I would definitely recommend some suspension upgrades too, I can run you through what I did on mine if you like

  • Ooo that would have been nice.

    I went with Hilton too, but stage 2.

    Thanks, I will have look into the OEM Denied torque mount. Might just be easier to replace it if I am having to pull it out to see which insert I need 🤣

    Yes, suspension upgrade will be early next year. Yes please, if you don't mind sharing. I don't think I should lower too much though as it is very hilly and lots of speed bumps near me.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra
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    Yeah I have also heard storied of the aftermarket inserts wearing out.

    I would have thought that with the parts you're getting you could have gone to stage 2.5?

    Suspension wise I have Bilstein B8 shocks/struts all round, Eibach springs, Elevate rear swaybar, Silver Project adjustable rear camber arms, Whiteline LCA bushes and ALG driveshaft spacers (you can make these yourself).

    For the swaybar you can get one from a Mazda 3 MPS which is about the same thickness as Elevate but much cheaper.

    The Eibach springs don't lower it much, and they didn't lower the back at all so we had to cut a coil off the rear springs to get it to sit level with the front.

    It's a pretty expensive setup but the car handles really well.

    Next step is an LSD (and new clutch) which I think will make a big difference but I won't be doing much more after that!

  • Definitely don't want that happening!

    I definitely considered it, but opted for 2 in the end. I thought... the cost to go from 2 to 2.5 (plus stage 2) is the same as going straight to 2.5, so see how 2 goes and if I want more I'll purchase the upgrade later.

    Yes, I have my eye on some Bilstein shocks/struts. Thanks for the tip on the Eibach springs and Mazda rear sway bar (was actually just looking at the IPD one).

  • I have actually had the IPD bar before and I would say that it's not worth it, it's only 22mm which is not thick enough. Yours is an R-design so it should already have a 22mm bar. The whiteline bar is also a good option. Between 25-26mm is what you want, I also tried a 32mm bar and it had oversteer!

  • BenyBoyBeny @BenyBoy Melbourne
    edited December 2020

    Amazing, thank you for sharing @240!

    Intake pipe arrived 😍 won't be able to fit it in till Sunday I think.

  • I had come across some YouTube videos on Plasti Dip recently and gave it a go on Sunday (and it was perfect weather). I got my hands on some Plasti Dip and "dipped" the rear lettering using blue metalliser and black Plasti Dip.

    This was the process I followed...

    Clean the lettering. Once dry, tape and mask up the area leaving around a 1cm boarder around the lettering. The handle on the rear window doesn't leave much room under the VOLVO lettering, but there is enough room to tape up and leave a little gap.

    I did one black coat of 50% coverage, then three full coats of black and two full coats of blue metalliser, with about 20-30 minutes between coats to dry. I used a constant spray from about 15-20cm away from left to right on each area, spraying a bit over the taped area to help with pealing the excess off in the end.

    After spraying the last coast I removed the newspaper and left the dipped area to dry for about an hour.

    After drying, I carefully peeled off the masking tape and Plasti Dip. It should peel off easily and break away from the lettering as you peel the excess off, leaving a clean finish. I used a pin to pick out the Plasti Dip from the 0 and O's.

    I am pretty happy with the finish, but am interested in how long it will last and what it can withstand.

  • I think I like this a lot. Much more subtle than debadging and keeps the punters wondering what that funny shaped car was that just chopped them.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    I did this on my old 850's badges (just went with dark grey though) and after a couple years I don't think there was any damage to speak of

  • And I guess the good thing is if it does get damaged, just peel off and respray again

  • Two months waiting and it's almost finished - fabricated by Josh from 8Eight Fab

  • It's just been shipped, so that's going to take forever with the current flight situation 😪

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