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S/V60 Polestar Tuning in Melbourne $$

I want to get my V60 T6 tuned, but I have been quoted $1990 and $1700 from two different Melbourne dealerships for a Polestar tune.

I would be happy at paying $1400, so is it worth looking at Hilton, BSR or someone else?



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I have seen it go for $1100 so talk to Mark at Berry Motor Group.

    Otherwise for 800 odd you buy a TDI Tuning box and add it on , much like some other Euro ones do but for half the price. Gives more than the P* tune iirc.

    Ive got one to add to my T6 , ill let you know.

    Not what you want if you are adding many more mods but cheaper than the volvo tune.

    Get a 3.5" downpipe as well, maybe a better intercooler but dont waste cash on inlets tubes or inlet manifolds etc unless upgrading the turbo.

  • Mark at VP Tuning can offer you a good deal. He's based in Moorabbin

  • Thanks guys. Am waiting for Mark@Berrys to get me a Polestar deal with Bilia, but in the meantime Rob Hilton has been very valuable with his information. Might go with Hilton Stage 2 depending on Volvo's P* pricing.

    I have a do88 intercooler and a TDI Tuning Box with the plan to piggy back that on top of the tune with the plan to get to 400hp.

    Downpipe being fitted today :)

  • I would strongly advise against fitting a TDi tuning box after the tune. That's not gonna end well

    Hilton will get you the maximum possible reliable power for the current hardware

  • Thanks Mark - Bilia Volvo have come through with a deal too good to pass

  • My TDI Box is actually calibrated for going on top of the Polestar

  • IpsoFactoDan @IpsoFacto Wodonga VIC
    edited November 2020

    Guys if you are considered a Polestar tune now, there is a sale on at Volvo $1220 I think

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    For not a lot more (and bigger gains with future upgradeability ) the Hilton option ( and others) would be more cost effective.

  • I

    I have an Xc90 D5. Is the Hilton tuning safe for the Tranny?

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