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P3 XC70 Shocks and Upgrades

Hey guys!

I've recently acquired a 2012 XC70 D5 with 145k km on the clock. I love it, it's the most versatile thing ever and I'm keen to do some long distance travel in her!

The shocks, however, feel like they're due for replacement. I had two, not overly heavy suitcases in the back the other week and noticed the bum sagging. That doesn't seem right. It does feel a little harsh over bumps as well, although hard to tell as I don't have another vehicle to gauge it off. The car is fitted with a tow bar and I suspect being a D5 she's done some extensive service with her previous owner.

Other than this, I KNOW it's damn near impossible to find lifting options for these things but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. I go camping quite often, exploring rutted dirt trails and such so some extra height would be great. Does anyone know of any spring upgrade, good spacers, lifting options etc?

Any ideas appreciated.

P.S. I'm in Sydney, so if anyone has some good recommendations for getting work done in this car that would be ace (not just for suspension, but for servicing, diagnosis etc).

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