XC70 [SOLVED] Brake Pads

alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD
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2007 XC70 2.5T P2

I need to change the pads out soon. The rotors appear to be reasonably smooth, so I was hoping to get away with not machining them and just putting on new pads (to save $$).

However, I read somewhere that the current pads work by leaving a subtle coating of material on the rotors and therefore, replacement pads should be of the same material, otherwise there may be a noticeable reduction of performance which could possibly lead to the dreaded uneven stopping power caused by new pad material stuck to the rotor in one spot.

Putting ceramic pads on when conventional (or OEM) pads currently exist might not be the best idea.

As I have only recently purchased this car, I have no idea what pads are currently on it. Service records indicate that most (but not all) services where done at Volvo dealerships. Therefore, it is possible that the existing pads are OEM. I have yet to remove the wheel and look for any branding on the pads, but maybe that is something I should do.

Any recommendations for over the counter pads? (Supercheap, Autobarn, Repco, etc) Looking at the Bendix Euro+ but not convinced until I hear from you guys' experiences.

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