240 Fog/Driving Light Conundrum

OK, so I'm thinking of putting these driving lights on my 79 245 project car. Went thru the old accessory brochures and they're all over the shop. Heino said on the later cars (this car has a 93 bumper) you're meant to use the OUTER spoiler attach hole...which is at 1200 width between holes. IMHO that looks stupid and is too wide - nearly at the corner of the bumper. See pic below. The benefits are it doesn't block the below-bumper air intake or the towing eye.

The other spoiler attach holes are at 400 mm width (between holes)...may be in a bit too narrow? See pic below. It sort of lines up with the sides of the grille, but of course blocks the lower air intake. Doesn't block towing eye.

From the brochures I have, there are multiple positions shown (see below). Clearly none of them use the 1200 mm or 400 mm spoiler holes, although the black Turbo may be close to 400 mm width. The silver Turbo and the late-model 240 seem to have the inner edges of the driving lights aligned with the inner edge of the headlamps. I'm kinda liking that one.

I did lie - there is one obscure photo that looks like it has the lamp position far outboard, which could coincide with the outer spoiler mounting holes at 1200 mm. However I'm NOT doing that!

Thoughts? Opinions? The easiest thing would be to use the inner spoiler attach holes at 400 mm wide, which would put the outer edge of the lamp in alignment with the outer edge of the grille, very similar to the black Turbo above. I'm kinda torn between that position and the silver Turbo with the inner edge of the lamp aligned with the outer edge of the grille (new hole required in bumper but no big deal).


  • My opinion is that driving lights below the bumper are a bit useless, fine for fog lights though. They always look added on to me on a 2 series vs the 7 series which have cutouts in the spoiler. Don't suppose a 7 series spoiler fits?

    What about gt style driving lights in that nice new grille!

  • Maybe Rally spec?

  • I had these driving lights on our 88 240 below the bumper and they still worked fine...yeah, they do look a bit tacked on. I think I might have to mock it up with some sort of temporary bracket so I can mess with the position before drilling any holes. If it looks shit I'll give it a miss. I have some of the 242GT or early GLE mounting brackets and grille, but it's for the round or square headlamps not the rectangular ones. Did they make a specific grille with fog lamp cut-outs for the large rectangular headlamp set-up? I'm not cutting into my NOS grille but guess I could experiment with the old one? :)

  • I too am curious if there is a GT style grill and light setup that fits.

  • Mounted with inner edge of the driving lamps aligned with inner edge of headlights looks best IMO (i have seen a number of boxy cars with similar setups), but you may have to put extra holes in your bumper, or somehow use an L or S shaped bracket to make use of the factory holes..

  • Yeah Chris - I'm leaning towards that position. I want to move them as far rearward towards the spoiler as possible to tuck them under the bumper bar, so it may require a short bracket and a cut-out in the spoiler to tuck them back a bit...I don't mind drilling a couple holes as necessary in the bottom surface of the bumper bar.

  • I came across this image of another 240 wagon and thought of you Greg, another option for driving light mounting that I also think looks good.

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