240 240 speedo differences?

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I'm replacing the broken cog for the odometer. Replaced with new cog.

Job done no problems.

I have a donor speedo that has only one difference. An additional circut.

What is this for? Indicated by blue bubbles toy.


Edit: 2 differences. There is also a small circular copper contact between the tacho and odometer.

Is there a difference between manual and auto speedos?


  • I think you should be OK as long as the number on the front of the speedometer is the same eg K6980 or K24500 or something to the effect (number of pulses per km, which changed in later years to have about 4x as many pulses per km due to a different tone ring in the diff).

  • Thanks Greg.

    I didn't mention the speedo with the extra bits is from a '92 and mine is '90.

    But what are the extra bita for, what's their function?

    Is it cruise control or abs or something to do with manual or automatic?

    I'm going to try and refurbish one of them. If the one with the extra bits has a function I might want to use in the future I may change to it.


  • Based on what I've seen, I don't think a 92 and a 90 would be interchangeable as I think the 92 has the later tone ring in the diff, so on the front of the speedometer, you'll see K23400 or some number similar to that, and on your 1990 it will have K6380...turn those two instrument clusters over and send a pic...you can't put the 92 speedometer into the 90 if the K-number on the front face of the gauge is different, as even if it functions the speed read-out will be totally wrong.

    Sorry I don't know what those extra features are on the instrument cluster itself, but neither has anything to do with cruise control. If you want to add cruise control, you get the speed signal from up above and to the left of the speedometer where that piece of yellow hose is pushed over the 2x spade terminals. I think they put that there because you don't want to accidentally attach the tachometer signal wire there as it can damage the speedometer.

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