S/V60 HALDEX coupling rebuild 2012 V60 T6 where to take it in NSW

Hi, i need to find a trustworthy business in NSW to send my HALDEX rear coupling for a rebuild. Im in Ballina( far nth coast NSW and my mechanic damaged it while doing a diff centre bearing. I can't find anyone near me that know how to do it and I can't cross into QLD due to covid. I am running a second hand haldex from a wrecker for now but want original fixed. Does anyone have a contact they have confidence in and are willing to share with me please?

Happy to either drive it to wherever or put it on transport. Hoping this talented group can help me out. THANKS HEAPS GUYS & GIRLS.


  • What's actually damaged?

    can you post some photos?

    You can really buy individual parts for a haldex

  • I can send you photos in the next few days. Not sure of damage. All I can say is "somehow", while diff centre was transported down to Sydney and then back once installed when I'm at low speed and turning cnrs very bad vibration feel and noise from haldex. Was told by bearing install mob likely the haldex was tossed around and even though it was dry,oil drained, debris and crap has got into places within haldex which now cause bad shudder,vibration and extremely load noise. Even under throttle on a straight run you can feel and hear a shudder every 5-10 seconds from unit. Also told only fix was to strip unit completly and clean and fit back together. I don't know enough about the haldex to question this or explain any better. They initially wanted me to front cost but have since bought a second hand one for me and given me original back so I can fix and keep as a spare for down the track. My 2012 v60 t6 only has 84k on clock so I feel it's worth sorting out as I believe these units can be troublesome sometimes. I'm 55 yrs old and want this to be my last car as I'm super impressed with car, first volvo,

    BTW, I'm a paraplegic now, road accident and in wheelchair so can't really do any work on cars now so rely on professionals to guide me and do the work. Trust is a big issue at this point so looking for a contact who I feel I can trust not to overcharge or stuff repairs up due to not doing much on European cars, particularly volvo. Thanks for touching base, a little guidance would be appreciated.


  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney

    Alan at Hi Torque at Wetherill Park (western Sydney) http://www.hi-torque.com.au/Sydney/home. 02 9556 3444 - 0407 107 685

    Alan is a master mechanic, specialising in drive shafts and complex issues. Full machine shop, Great customer service.

    He saved me $1200 renewing the bushes and centre universal bearing (and rubber bush) - Volvo Parramatta wanted $2300 + GST

    Tell him Adrian with the Volvo AWD 850 Turbo manual Estate recommended him.

  • Awesome Adrian. Thanks heaps mate. I will touch base with him soon and transport pieces down to him as needed.

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney
    edited September 13

    Alan is very amiable & loves a chat - he recently underwent a serious surgical procedure that knocked him about pretty badly. If he is absent he has a c0-worker whom he trained (can't remember his name but he will probably answer the phone if Alan is on a field call or undergoing chemopathy). Best of luck, Regards, Adrian

  • Considering the cost of having a unit rebuilt and installed so that you know it was actually good

    I would think it just be cheaper to get another second hand unit if the current one ever fails

    That said, as long as you have the filter and fluid changed regularly they pretty much never fail

  • @Phil@Philia_Bear I'm thinking maybe they put something other than haldex oil in it

  • Yeh, Thanks for that info. I believe that something was screwed up by either the people doing the bearing or transport company not taking care of parcel whilst on and off trucks.

    Anyhow, update. The local mechanic has sourced a second hand unit for me and will be installing it, FOR FREE, and I get original back so I can choose to get it repaired down the track. At least I don't have to pay any more cash. Happy with that. This mistake came down to covid and QLD border being shut. I would have taken it to gold coast myself as i live 40 mins south of border. Alls well that ends well. Appreciate all the comments. So glad to be a part of OZ VOLVO. Between you all, i feel very supported. 😷🥳🤙

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