M90 conversion UK

Hi all

I've found a 1995 940 203k miles with an m90 in a scrapyard.

I don't need it myself as I've got two, does anybody want one and is prepared to pay shipping to Australia for the conversion kit?

I will only remove it if someone is serious about it a I don't really want to lie down in all the broken glass and remove it all for it to sit on my garage floor.


  • SLT16SLT @SLT16 Gold Coast

    Just to be clear as you didn't mention a price,

    Do you just want someone to pay for shipping and it's theirs?

  • 2 mostly complete redblock m90 kits sold locally in the last 12 months for about $1600-$1800

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Collect a few to fit a regulation size crate and ship them?

    The peeps on quest for a better gearbox is on our internet groups at least once a week so an M90 being the easiest option and strong enough for most who dont drag race is going to sell for sure.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    I would be interested in a whiteblock M90, IF someone can actually get around to posting/freighting it.

  • I don't know how much the price will be as I haven't asked yet but they said they want £60 for the gearbox and I will need paying for the half a day off work I will be taking to remove it all.

  • SLT16SLT @SLT16 Gold Coast

    You can count me in. If its a working redblock M90 + tailshaft i'll take it.

  • Ium unsure how well it works as it is I a self pick scrapyard and loads of stuff I missing. However it looks like it was an incredibly tidy car that has done 53 miles since its last MOT and service I assume and elderly owner died and the kid scrapped it.

  • iceton1975BUTCH @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    I have been shipping them out from my supplier from the UK for about $1600 a set up thats complete ready to convert ,.

  • I'm going to the scrapyard this morning to see what I can get off of it, gearbox and propshaft will be the main bits and being a 1995 car I will check for a gold EZK too.

  • Right then, I managed to get

    M90L gearbox (oil on rear end)



    Clutch slave cylinder

    Clutch master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir

    Clutch pedal and the mounting bracket for it

    Gear selector setup, someone has taken the 1 2 3 4 5 R bit.

    Trim surround for manual

  • edited September 11

    The clutch slave cylinder looks to have been recently replaced with an FAG one.

    Master cylinder needs a new boot on the end as it is torn.

    Clutch pedal rubber is missing

    Gear stick indicator thingy off the top is missing.

    How does $700 plus shipping sound?

    EDIT: I forgot to say I have a dual mass flywheel off a 1997 204k mile 940 that I broke a couple of years ago, I've a dog dish flywheel for mine so the dual mass will come with this M90 setup.

  • I think the L is the good ratio box?? As a posed to the H not so good?

  • I believe the L has the lower gear ratio in 1st and 2nd.

  • By the way classicswede www.classicwede.co.uk is breaking a 960 with a whiteblock m90 gearbox I believe.

  • iceton1975BUTCH @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    L box runs out of leggs on modified Turbos H box is the go

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