S/V40 Changing from manual gear box to automatic

Ok I'm doing a engine swap from my written off T5 to my other S40 the T5 has a 6 SPD manual the other S40 is auto I am thinking to save some time for now that I might leave it auto I already have an auto T5 loom that came with a replacement motor I bought and had fitted to my T5.

What I don't know for sure is there any difference in the looms and ecu between the auto and manual I know the auto box has its own computer so do I need a ecu and loom from an auto car or can I use the manual ecu and loom with the auto box?



  • Not only are the auto to manual looms definitely different, there are enough differences between year models/ various factory options to catch you out.

    Are both the cars T5 models?

  • No only the written off car is a T5 the other car I bought is a 2.4 . Would I be better off just doing the manual conversion, I know I've got to use the cem out of the T5 aswell as the engine loom and ecu , but if I was to leave it auto could I use the 2.4 auto and if so what would I need to get to use it

  • You really need to just imagine the 2.4 as a donor shell and then swap everything from the T5 in, it's more than likely body loom will be different.

    It's not as simple as swapping engine loom and CEM... you need the ECM ,CEM, BCM, SWM, SCL, TCM, from a matching vehicle plus other modules depending on what's fitted to the car.

  • Keeping in mind I have 2 complete cars my written off T5 and the 2.4

  • Yes as long as you're prepared to strip the 2.4 to a shell and then swap everything from the t5 model into it, you will be fine.

    Trying to swap the turbo engine into the 2.4 and keeping it auto is not really possible

  • Ok so forget keeping it auto what is required where do I find all these parts in the car I know the fuse panel under the glove box is the cem aswell as the fuse box and the ecu is on the air box where's the rest found

  • Or better still to do the engine and manual conversion what's required with the electronic side of things

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    e v e r y t h i n g

    As Tim says , strip the car, all wiring and modules out, replace with other car bits as it all talks to each other , if you swap one module the car will not work.

  • So i can't I just change the ECM ,CEM, BCM, SWM, SCL, TCM modules and plug them in on the 2.4 harness and put the T5 engine and 6spd in

  • You could try but there's probably enough differences in the body looms to upset it, and by that stage you will well and truly have the shits with it.

  • So what would be the easiest thing to do here get another 2.4 engine because the motor in the 2.4 s4o has no compression it's stuffed and it needs a replacement engine one way or another

  • Try Berry Motor Group, if you are in Vic. Otherwise others here may know of more local sources if you're in another state.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Ask them for a contra deal!

    The T5 if good is a soaht after motor , the 2.4 not so much.

  • What if I fitter the T5 without the turbo and used the auto box and 2.4 loom would that work

  • 240240 @240 Canberra
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    I doubt that would work since they have other differences aside from the turbo, for one thing the displacement is different.

    As I see it your options are either: swap the T5, gearbox and every single electric item into the good car, buy a second hand 2.4 engine or just buy a whole running car - they're pretty cheap now

    Is the manual T5 car AWD or FWD?

  • What do you mean by swap every single electric item surely the entire loom from head lights to tail lights does not have to get swapped

  • If there's stuff like lights that have their own loom then they may not need to be swapped, but the point is that every electrical module in the car is coded to the VIN so the car will only work if you swap everything over. You will effectively be giving the new car the VIN of the old T5.

  • Ok what I have noticed with the 2.4 is there are plugs not being used for instance the self dimming mirror so therefore my line of thinking is the looms are no different so if I take the modules from the T5 swap them with the modules on the 2.4 I should be in business right

  • I swapped the mirrors and the self dimming mirror works

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