140 Replacing the boot lid seal

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I've put a new seal on the 144 boot lid. I remember reading some helpful hints to ensure the new seal seats properly, but I can't find it.

Any tips?



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    I’m not sure what I meant to head this, but it sure wasn’t “Reporting”. Autocorrect in action.

  • Hendo,

    Take a look at this thread, same principles apply I think.




  • I just reread my question and I didn’t make it clear. I’ve got the new seal on ok, but I’m interested in how to get it to seal cleanly against the body when I close the boot lid. I’m sure I read something a while ago that involved sheets of paper, but I can’t find it.

  • Thanks for clarification, on re-reading your initial query, I now realise that I was off the mark.

    The paper trick seems like a good place to start. I'd also do the old water spray (use a hose) around the boot lid test, if you get water ingress, then providing that you have a 73/74 140, it may be possible to remove the tail lights and using a torch, shine a light inside the boot to watch for where the leaks are originating from, and chase accordingly. I have to do this on my 240, but i have been busy on a major COVID inspired garden infrastructure upgrade....

    Good luck with it.

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