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C30 Brake Vacuum Pump - Buzzing After Car Turned Off

JMHC30Anorak @JMHC30 Melbourne
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Hi all

Just got back from an essentials shop (based in Melbourne), and I got out to here the brake vacuum pump buzzing quite loudly, and it was hot to touch. It switched off maybe 2 minutes after the rest of the car.

The brake system works fine (had new discs & pads installed with a fluid flush mid June), so I am presuming there is an issue with the pump, or a switch.

Any guidance before I see if Berry Motor Group are open on Monday?




  • martyGMartyn @martyG Viewbank, VIC

    What was the outcome of the problem??

  • When you did your recent work on your car, you may have noticed a switch on the plastic pipe, just after the quick connector, that runs to the drivers side rear of the battery tray area (the hose that runs from manifold/booster/vacuum pump). It usually fails which causes that pump to run excessively or constantly with ignition on. Pump should run briefly on startup to build vacuum in the booster and then shutoff until you pump the brakes a couple of times and it will run again. Sensor is only available as part of the hose that runs along the firewall to the brake booster (behind the plastic firewall cover).

  • martyGMartyn @martyG Viewbank, VIC
    edited March 15

    Any idea where I can source the hose and the $$$. Even just the part number would help.

  • martyGMartyn @martyG Viewbank, VIC

    I wonder if the sensor from another model could be used??

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