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240 grilles

240240 @240 Canberra

I have 2x 240 grilles, $35 each. Can post if necessary.

#1 is an eggrate style grille from a 1981-82 model, #2 is from a 1983-85 model.

Both could use a clean but are in decent condition.



  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    I'm interested in the egg crate grill please,

  • Egg crate!!! Please!!

  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    @ljk346 sorry @242GT got in before you by 1 minute sorry! But I can let you know if it falls through for whatever reason.

    Unless you want to enter into a bidding war but I don't think that's in the spirit of Oz Volvo

  • @240 1 minute! That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I guess ay

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    What year model is @ljk360's car, I may be able to assist.

  • @242GT its a 89 but I was planning to flat hood convert it anyway to fit an 80s egg crate

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    Which head lights do you intend using, round or rectangle

  • rectangle I think

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    If you go flat bonnet, I've got a spare genuine 1980 grill that suites the twin rectangular head lights as my GT was one of the last compliance December 1980. It came with the twin California lights each side.

  • So I’d have to source California lights as well to match the grill?

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    I think you can use the normal long rectangular lights as I've seen that done, the California twin lights are a pain to be honest, only rwason mine are still there is that's how the last of the gt's were built

  • This is my goal

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    That's the best one actually, go for it

  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    @ljk346 I assume you know that the cowl panel below the windscreen won't line up with a flat bonnet?

  • @240 yes this will be my second flat hood conversion I’ve done.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra


    Eggcrate grille now sold, 82-85 one still available

  • YM82 was egg-crate on everything 240 in OZ, 240s went to coffin hood in 83.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    Yeah I did know that actually, who knows why I wrote 82

  • FNQTanFNQTan @FNQTan Townsville / Cairns

    sorry did these grilles get sold?

    I would like an egg crate grill.

  • I think I have one.

    What model is your car?

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