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VIC - 140 B20 Electric Distributor

Searching for - 140 B20 Electric Distributor  


  • Go for the 123 Ignition offerings.

  • I second that. I’ve got one in my 144 rally car. A lot of hard kilometres with no problems.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Get the 123...Skandix has pretty good pricing. Have one on my ES and it's heaps better than the old (worn?) one!

  • 123 is definitely the right answer here. Will improve starting, running and save you a bunch of faffing around with points

  • When I bought my latest one last year, there were several versions, one with preloaded ignition curves (I wouldn’t get that), one you can program ignition curves with a cable to a laptop and one that’s Bluetooth programmable. The last 2 allow 2 curves to be saved and you can switch between them

    For some reason the Bluetooth and laptop versions have a different number of rpm curve points which makes swapping ignition curves between them difficult. Probably not an issue for most people, but was for me.

    I prefer the laptop one (I’ve got both) but only because I can change between curves with a switch. Very handy when you pick up crap fuel in Mongolia, hear the engine pinging and want a more conservative curve instantly. With the Bluetooth one, you have to scrabble for your phone, log in etc etc.

  • I used an Ignitor points replacement and an MSD 5520 CDI unit. Starts easily, works a treat, distributor looks original. The CDI unit also has a built in rev limiter.

    Highly recommend it. We used this set up on most of the cars we dyno tuned back when I was on the tools and running the dyno - it is simple, works really well and is reliable.

    Sounds like the 123 is reliable too.

  • I think the Ignitor ROLL DMC is referring to is a Pertronix unit. It just replaces the points, so doesn’t change the ignition curve in your distributor. I’ve got them in a couple of cars (Volvo and non-Volvo) and can support that they work really well.

    A lot cheaper than a new 123 dizzy and very easy to fit.

  • Yes, and they can be used straight up with a good coil without the MSB box.

  • Thanks guys, it's great to ask a group with so much knowledge experience, who are able to supply options and solutions

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