C30 C30 - Click When Brake Applied in Park

JMHC30Anorak @JMHC30 Melbourne
edited July 2020 in Troubleshooting

Hi all

The C30 just started making a reasonably loud 'click' noise when I depress the brake pedal when the car is on and in Park.

I presume it's some kind of switch; just wondering if I should get it replaced sooner rather than later.




  • Sounds normal your probably noticing the shift Lock solenoid it should click when ignition is on and you touch the brakes.

  • Oh good. As long as I’m not going insane.

    It just sounds a lot louder than it did.

  • Yeah mine does it as well and some days it’s quiet and others a bit louder. I can also feel the lock out disengaging through the centre console and drivers seat

  • Ate these noises associated with age/failure or normal?

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