S/V/C70 Immobilizer problem

MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

Hi all

Just purchased '99 V70, deceased estate, last registered 2016, battrey dead as (obviously) installed new one everything ok, except it won't run, hooked up to Vida, immobilizer problem, gave me a list of causes, the car did start but stopped again straight away, is there any method of resetting immobilizer via Vida Dice or even temporarily disabling ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers


  • What codes?

    Is it definitely a 99 with electronic throttle and round timing belt cover? As that will determine if it's easy to bypass immobiliser or not

  • Something something lock and unlock 5 or 10 times?

    As Tim said.... need to know if has physical throttle cable or electronic throttle

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    Definitely '99 with electronic throttle body, one cause is bad communication between immobilizer and ECU, ignition turned on more than 3 times whilst engine running ? Bad signal from key antenna and a couple more, still scratching my melon 😂

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    Screen shot from Vida

  • How many keys did you get with the car and what does it look like?

    I don't believe there's an easy way around the immobiliser on the me7 cars

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    Hi Tim

    Two keys plus (seperated) fob keys

  • I'm a bit rusty on those late p80s but is there a seperate immobiliser module visible on Vida/communication tab and can you see how many keys are programmed?

    It's possible that it's lost its memory after having low voltage for so long

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    Yes it does show "imm" and it shows 3 keys programmed

  • If you can't see the immobiliser disarm when you put the key in then I would check the wiring/connectors - start at the connector for the immobiliser antenna around the key barrel and work backwards to the module

  • MickbMick @Mickb Central Coast NSW

    I have checked the antenna ring, clean, checked all the fuses, all working mild corrosion on them, next I was going to replace the ring then remove ECU and check connection, hopefully the ring should do it (fingers crossed) frustrating as I would love to get it running as what I do next with it ......keep or move on

  • Try pairing the keys to the immobiliser again, you’ll need the 4 digit security PIN to pair the keys.

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