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240 + 740 + 940 - List of EZ-116K ICU units used with LH 2.4

Sources of data:

  • Volvo Pocket Data Book, TP 0302207 (3500.05.97)
  • for label colours = ebay /
  • NOTE: some Bosch part numbers have multiple Volvo part numbers

Please message me with any corrections / updates.



  • Hi there, Why do my spare ezk's have different coloured labels.

    They have Bosch # 0 227 400 169 and Volvo # 3541325. Some volvo labels have P03 printed after p/n, some have nothing. For example I have 2 white labels. One has suffix, one has nothing.

    What does the suffix number indicate?

    I did notice some internal components are different.

    Why are the labels different colours, pink, tan and white?

    I have read the pink is less desirable, why?

    I have also seen that the tan label is better for b230fx motor. My '93 240 b230fx has a 531 head from factory.

    My' 92 has a stock b230f, 530 head.

    Truth is I have 5 ezk's, I don't know why, my '93 240 wagon b230fx 531 is being tempramental to start after a 2 year lay-up and I am hoping there is an some EZK mystery I don' t know about. I've lost track of which EZK came from which car.


  • Different coloured labels (AFAIK) indicate different assembly plants and/or different assembly lines. The colours may also indicate different versions of software.

    Pink-label ECUs are less desirable because there's a hybrid circuit on them which is prone to failure. This hybrid was revised and replaced. So you may find some pink-label ECUs with a service repair sticker on them, indicating this circuit has been replaced.

    The wiki at is an excellent source.

  • Make sure you're not getting confused between injection ECU and ignition ECU (EZK).

    Hard start problems are known for being caused by many things, EZK problems in my experience haven't been too common to give any consideration

  • It's the one under the glovebox. I don't really thinks it's the problem. I'm more interested in why there different styles/labels etc.

    I think it's more a case of stale petrol but the car is at a friends place and i don't have easy access to it.

  • That would be the EZK

    Give me a call so I can explain how to fix it easier

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