Chasing a fuel rail for a 1992 940 b230ft

Hi all,

New member here, currently in the process of rebuilding the top end on a 1992 940 turbo wagon. My fuel rail was in a bit of state when I pulled it off, super rusty and I got real angry when the fuel line wouldn't come off and managed to bend it slightly.

Does anyone have a spare fuel rail that is in OK condition. I am up in far away Darwin so you would have to be prepared to post it up, unless of course there are any members on here from Darwin ( I have seen a pretty sweet looking 240 getting around the place).




  • You should be ok to re-use your rail, bend it back, hook it up and if it don't leak then Robert will be your mother's brother

  • Yeah I know I can probably get away with reusing it but I want to end up with a nice clean looking engine bay.

    I am considering getting an aftermarket rail but don't really want to go to the hassle of going to AN fittings as I not really chasing horsepower, just want to rebuild it stock.

  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 @bgpzfm142 Launceston TAS

    The p/n 6842434-0 fuel rail (aka 'fuel pipe') was also used on 1992-onwards NA 240s and 940s, it has a service socket evacuation valve.

  • Depending on how much you want to spend, and how much the new rail costs, you can easily get your old one zinc plated for the new look

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    I have a few fuel rails from B230s...several different styles. Can you post a pic of yours and I'll see if I have the same type. Happy to post to you.

  • Cheers for the replys.

    But I have decided to go aftermarket, as I found out a mate can do the AN hose and fittings for us.

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