P1 V50 (and others) T5 De-cat/custom exhausts

I was wondering if anyone had any experience de-catting their T5?

Looked at importing a cat-back exhaust from the states but the tax and shipping ruin it in NZ so im looking at getting an exhaust made.

Nothing flash, just a bit of subtle noise (no one likes an overly loud auto!) and wondered if a de-cat would induce drone at highway speeds as i've heard that can be an issue.

I've only ever ran off-the-shelf exhausts on other cars, so got zero experience of custom/DIY stuff



  • The horrid down pipe on the turbo p1 cars is one of the biggest performance killers

    Keep the factory cat, it's not a restriction

    Deleting one or more of the rear mufflers and then just adding a single flow through will make the noise quite nice

    Because it's a turbo car it should never really drone at all

  • Thanks man, big help!

    I mainly want sound, rather than performance; its my dailly and i just want it to have a bit of character haha.

    I thought removing the cat might have given it a bit more attitude but that huge back box cant help either. I'll have a look at it all when i get back from overseas; see what i can sensibly chop out and replace

  • The way these things are programmed you wont actually make any more power than stock unless you get a tune. But if noise is what you want then any muffler shop can give you that. If you're thinking of importing an exhaust from a US vendor that rhymes with urinate then I'd recommend that you don't.

  • Yeah, just a bit more road presence (Read: noise) so im gonna go get the "centre" muffler cut out and/or get a rear muffler made.

    On the subject of the US vendor; it'd cost double what i'd pay for their system, just in postage and tax, as wel as it being more expensive than anyone else's..... no idea if it's a better product than anyone else, just doesn't make financial sense for a project like mine

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    I can only speak from my own experience with the vendors product which left me quite irate. Did not fit as claimed had to pay twice for installation and mods to make it fit. Best to avoid, better quality products from pretty much any other parts vendor.

  • Oh wow, thats pretty bloody average from a company that prides itself on in-house development.

    I'm now REALLY hoping the springs i've bought from them, do the job! haha

  • ab1Al @ab1 Melbourne

    if you want a cheap low quality downpipe get one from an xr5. im currently in the process of modifying the rear suitcase to get more of the 5 cylinder note. i can let you know how it sounds after im done.

  • Is the XR5 downpipe different from the v50, or do you mean the aftermarket ones are cheaper? I’ve seems AWD-specific downpours too, which would rule out the XR5 one, anyway.

    I think I’m going to chop out the centre muffler and go from there, get the suitcase replaced with a custom muffler/mufflers if I need more noise

  • iceton1975BUTCH @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    Also remember the fine for a de cat car is $5000

  • I am running AWD on my C30 and the fwd 3" elevate downpipe cleared everything without mods.

    LHD is a different story as it has to clear the angle drive and the steering rack.

  • Oz it's nearly 100k fine for a business that gets caught removing a cat

  • Wowsers! I’ve not heard of that in NZ but I’m probably just going to do the centre muffler and look at the suitcase

  • @Idlehand the trick is to close the roller door when you're doing it

  • just been thinking; are the elevate ones awd and fwd specific because they’re going in LHD cars; being from the USA?

  • Yes I believe so I was prepared to modify mine when I did the AWD swap but it fit perfectly and I just modified the rear muffler to clear the rear diff

  • Ah right! Hmm, few people have said try the one from an xr5 focus but no solid answer if they mean a stock one is slightly better than volvos or there’s cheaper aftermarket ones...

  • Definitely mean aftermarket stock would be the same as the Volvo one

  • Thought at much, I’ll see if I can get hold of a cheapish one in case it doesn’t fit...

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