WANTED - Volvo 240 Wagon 3rd row latching cross bar

morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
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I'm not entirely sure of the correct name for this item but its the bar that clips in either side of the boot walls and when you fold up the rear facing seats in the boot, they latch into the bar?

Pretty sure is an extendable bar, see attached picture where the bar fits into:


  • Pretty sure I have one. Bit of rust coming through the chrome but functional and a goood candidate for painting. I'll dig it out tomorrow and post up a pic. Free if you pay postage.

  • That would be great, where are you located?

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    @morch_66479 check out this link. Ian has a complete rear child seat that includes the bar and end bits...total price $55 IIRC and located in Malvern East.

  • Im in Windsor, NSW. To melbourne Aus Post says $15.35.

  • I ended up buying the complete set from volvovic as it wasn't far from my house. Thanks for your help and the picture though, i'm sure someone else will snap it up :)

  • No worries, that complete setup was a great deal.

  • Can you give me the measurement of the latches - centre to centre would be great.

    After having a play with the car today I discovered the bar I bought didn't match up with the latches on the seat that was already installed.

    The bar i bought was 717mm (installed)

    The original seat was 637mm (distance between latches)

    The seat i got with the bar was 717mm (distance between latches)

    It's a different design on each seat which is interesting.

    I ended up installing the entire kit but the frame on my original seat is in much better condition :/

  • Also to this, the 3rd row won't clip into the bar unless i remove the headrests from the 2nd row, is this normal or am i missing something here?

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Did your original child seat latch OK with the headrests in position? The seat you bought was from the early years before the 240 wagons had rear headrests (I think they only became available in about 1990) so I'm not surprised the child seat won't latch with the headrests in position. Maybe they changed the child seat design in 1990-onwards to be compatible with the headrests, but I'm not sure.

  • I don't think as it did, i never checked that before fully swapping it out. I guess the 2nd row headrests need to be removed for the 3rd row to latch then.

    From my understanding the bar was only required for Australia only?

    Going off the instructions the child seat kit can be bought as an optional extra after purchase, it's just a matter of drilling lots of holes to make it fit in place.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Yes, the child seat was an option (dealer fitted) on the wagons...and yes, I believe the upper bar was for AUS only as I never saw it in other markets. Must have had something to do with ADRs (Australian Design Rules) for seatback strength. I could be wrong.

  • Greg, you are correct about ADRs regarding the rear facing seat. The installation instructions referred to ADRs. I bought a seat kit and installed it in the 245 I had at the time. The job took about one hour including finding tools to do the job. About a year or so after I sold the 245 to a local, I saw the seat in the annual council rubbish collection. Laurie

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