940 & 960 Can't get AW71 to go all the way in

I'm trying mount my AW71 back to my B230F, and struggling a lot to get it to go fully back in. Keep in mind, I'm doing this in my driveway with the engine still in the car.

I'm pretty sure the torque convertor is installed correctly, I pushed it on the input shaft, and rotated it until it sunk in further, I didn't use much force. Looking through the cooling grilles windows on the transmission, the torque convertor seems to be touching the flexplate, and I can no longer spin the convertor by hand due to being sandwiched.

The transmission I'm using didn't have a cutout for the CAS, so I made a template and cut it, shouldn't be an issue though as I can see the clearance from the top. I did measure the original bellhousing, and it's the same depth etc.

I couldn't find any pictures online to compare it to, but the 4 mounting tabs of the torque convertor sit about level with the bellhousing edge. Is this where abouts its supposed to sit?


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