XC60 catalyst fault

I’m coming up with this catalyst fault P0420 and P0430. It’s been on the car since we bought it nearly 12 months ago. It did have a misfire due to some coil packs earthing but these were replaced but didn’t rectify the problem code. Replaced all spark plugs and filters with genuine parts, tried Powermaxx Oxicat cleaner, always ran a minimum of 95 octane but when I can run 98. Have cleared the codes after every time and always come back. I’m leaning towards rear oxygen sensors but don’t want to replace unless know for certain. Drivability or performance hasn’t been affected at all with the codes there. 

I am using a BlueDriver and this is what it is reading on the codes also this on the mode 6. Any one in Oz have a pair of rear sensors from a T6 or 3.2 they can lend for me to try.


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