240 My Pigeon Pair 240 and 740

Just finished a 15 month rebuild of these two treasures both painted in two pack old school two tone.

The 1986 Turbo 740 has all the running suspension, brakes and full leather interior from a 1993 940 with a rebuilt Turbo Engine and IPD T Cam.

It is a very comfortable cruiser with the AW71 Gerabox from the 940 I stripped and did an accumulator mod on.

The 240 is a 1988 240 GLT M47 Manual which I completely stripped down, panel beated, painted and reupholstered in black leather.

It is running a squirter block and head from the stripped out 940. New low compression pistons, H Rods, bearings, ARP bolts right through, ported head, stainless steel larger valves, stronger valve springs, cometic head gasket with tight squish and a TD04 19T Mamba Turbo. Fitted four Ls2 coils with wasted spark and running MaxxEcu Sport ECU and Mtune Dash Display.

Suspension has been completely rebuilt with Billsteins, Poly Bushes everywhere, IPD front and rear sway bars, Drilled and Grooved Disks, all new brake lines. DVS front springs and Kings in the rear. Upper and lower strut braces etc etc.

Just need to run them in now and then TURN UP THE BOOST

Cheers - FItzy - Gold Coast OZ



  • Very impressive @Fitzy !!!

    The two tone works really well, everything looks finished to a very high standard - a credit to your skills

    Sounds like the 240 is going to put out some decent power

  • Nice builds, could be time to upgrade that m47. Sounds like thats you main limiting factor now. A project car is never really done is it?

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW
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    We'll have to meet up one day Fitzy, your 240 & 740 show alot of rewarding hard work.

    Had this for 31yrs now, currently getting the body work redone as last bare metal respray in these colours was 1993.

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    Thanks Fella's. Its been a difficult but very rewarding build of these two beauties.

    Put another 200K's on the 240 today. No oil or water leaks anywhere so that's a relief.

    I will put it on a Dyno for a perfect tune when it's fully run in and the running in oil removed.

    I have a spare M46 and tail shaft for when the M47 disintegrates and after the M46 says goodbye will go with a T5 swap. I have loaded the M47 with a little extra oil by tipping the car on it's side a bit when filing it. This seems to extend their life somewhat as the normal oil level is a bit low.

    Nice 242 by the way. Good looking Wheels and just love the old school two tone Silver. I looked for about 9 months before buying the 240 and 740 but could not find a 242 worth saving without too much grief at that time.

    I have always had an affinity for the Boxy 244/240 since the day I watched Robbie Francevic race at Surfers Paradise back in 1986. He came from 6th to finish 2nd to Peter Brock. He finished ahead of such names as Jim Richards, George Fury, Tony Longhurst, John Bowe, Dick Johnson and others. He won the ATCC that year.

    I bought a 242GT in 1992 for my son as his first car but he unfortunately sold it in 1994 for $3000. Tragedy !!

    I have owned a 245 Wagon and a 240 Wagon previously. (as part of a total of 52 cars over the years)

    Would love to catch up when in the Sydney/Woolongong area after all this ChinaVirus stuff settles down.

    Cheers - Fitzy Gold Coast - Oz

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