XC70 Long cranking, numerous attempts on hot days xc70 2001

So after some 4 years of this annoying starting issue i think i have solved it. The ignition key imobiliser module really didnt like hot days.

Anyway the symptoms where starts normal but drive a distance to shops/beach/etc it would long crank and take 3-5 attempts it would start.

To test the module, i hit it with a heat gun and got the above results. Allow it to cool and it starts fine.

If you google "start prevented,try again" you will find this is a common failure. Most people saying car is dead, wont start. It took some searching but i found a few people go into more detail and say car cranks, no start and also car starts but stalls in a seconds.

Not sure what year models had this setup.Hope this helps anyone with the same symptoms

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