260 Chrysler 245 hemi engine conversion for 264

Hey, just wondering if anyone has dropped a 6 cylinder hemi into anything Volvo.

I love my Volvo but I also have a thing for Chargers soooo....



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    The volvo is already a swedish valiant so I'd be keeping it a volvo powered volvo


  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman @volvodriverman Redcliffe Queensland

    Chrysler 440 magnum gets my vote.

  • GM LS 67?

  • dmcROLL DMC @dmc Melbourne

    If it needs to be Charger related, a 360 or 340 would probably fit. Not sure a 440 would get in there, they are a large block. The thee carbs on top would be e problem too. Awesome, though a tough fit under the bonnet.

    Also, why 245 and not 265? (my dad is a Charger man, I grew up with E55s, a factory R/T 2bbl and loads of others over the years)

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