1980 Volvo 242GT - ls1 + T56 conversion

Hi there,

thanks to everyone who has already shared info on LS conversions for Volvo's. It has certainly helped give me some direction. As respect I thought ill document mine so other people can bounce of it for their own potential swaps.

I picked the car up in Jan 2016 from a one owner in Jimboomba QLD. it had been sitting for ages as the guy got sciatica. I was very lucky. The car was in great condition with low kms. I sold my drift car, dropped it on Gaz gold adjustable suspension straight away from DVS and started using it once or twice a week mainly just for a fun trip to work.

Straight away I noticed the engine sucks balls so got planning. There were many swaps out there, 1/2jz, 1/2UZ, LS, windsor, volvo tubro engine etc. I even looked at the Barra even made a thread back in the day: "Ford barra conversion 240/242" to check it out further but got turned off by the excess tunnel bashing that was required. After enough investigation i decided to run with the LS.

My aim was daily driver with drift track potential - most likely going full race car in the future.

2019 - I bought the following parts from STS machining in the USA and got them shipped over. Total cost USD$2045

Engine Mounts

Gearbox mounts


Hydro clutch pedal kit

Steel hollow tube steel shaft

V8 heater core fitting

Cast iron headers

My available time, mechanical knowledge and workspace is limited so my plan was to outsource the installation. I decided with Spot On Fabrications in Slacks Creek, QLD. They are bit on the pricier side but their builds are really good and will even help hold the value of the car just to know they did the install.

Next step was sourcing the engine and gearbox. From the start if this year I have been keeping an eye out. Basically 6L LM7, L76/77 with gearbox would cost approx $5-6K. LS3 8-10k, LS1 $3-4K. As much as i would of liked to go with a newer larger engine I decided on a LS1 and T56 out of a VY R8 (260kw) which had done 180Kms cost ($3350). My thought was to use this engine till it dies then rebuild it properly. I also have a bit more money aside for any other issues that may come up.

I had to buy some other things myself to help save some money. I got a BF falcon radiator and thermo fan as used by Michael with his 6L LS conversion.

Right now the engine in in the car and they are now doing the wiring. Using a Holley EFI terminator x unit 24tooth.

Thats as far as its got. Ill see the car this arvo and will post some pics of the progress.



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