240 Rick's Orange 245L Van + LS1

serkserk @serk Queensland
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Scored a 1999 WH Statesman with 300k kms on the body and about 120k kms on the replacement motor. It ended up being too good to wreck so I did some basic maintenance on the engine then registered and drove it for about 10 months. The interior then started falling apart - the power windows, power seats, handbrake, roof lining, etc so with the free time from Coronavirus I decided it was time to get started on the next project.

An orange 245L also came up for sale on here a while ago so I bought that at the time and stored it in the shed. Found some time to fix the floors (never claimed to be a rust repair expert) and gave the entire car a good clean. Body is a bit rough with a few dings and scrapes but overall it's okay.

Pulled the engine and tidied it up - new gaskets and seals all round and a quick bit of paint where it counts...

STS Machining provides the engine mounts and if you ask nicely they'll also send you a full shopping list of what you'll need to do the swap. I have seen some swaps use Holley and Moroso oil pans but they're a bit expensive for my taste so I opted for the Poor Man Motorsports pan, hooker headers, 940 radiator and I'll be keeping it auto to keep the swap simple.

That's all for now...



  • Just like my 245L but with more rust

    I'm almost wishing the valve covers were orange to match the car... but still total awesome work so far

  • serkserk @serk Queensland

    Thanks @Philia_Bear.

    Hurdles encountered so far:

    • Brake junction block needed to be spaced away from the cross member about 3cm. Just used a longer bolt and some welded nuts.
    • Steering shaft is going to have to be modified to fit the Hooker headers. Plan is to mix and match the old, thin steering shaft that's stock for the early 70's models and the Range Rover shaft as identified by @alphax (thanks!). Still waiting to hear back from the local Rangie wreckers
    • I swapped from the manual steering rack to a 1990 240 power steering rack. This helps to move the connecting point for the rack further to the left to make it easier to connect the steering shaft/uni's.
    • Going to need some more tunnel massaging on the passenger side to keep the stock auto shifter and the 4L60

  • Looking great!

  • I just noticed the LED flood lights you have at the front, very well mounted and I like where they are placed, I'm assuming your just going to cut the corners out of the grill or going to a different style grill?

  • serkserk @serk Queensland

    The lights are something the previous owner installed, so I can't take credit for them. I'll have to see how much light they throw from behind the grill, but I certainly won't be cutting up a mint early style grill!

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