Tommy's '79 Beige 244

Thought I would put together a thread for my second Volvo, mainly to keep tabs on everything ive done so far... My partner stumbled across this one on facebook marketplace. An old 1979 Volvo 244 GL, sitting in someones drive, wasting away. A couple of average photos and no service history. It was a short walk from our house, so why not. They told me it wouldn't start and they had it listed for a while so I threw them a stupidly low offer and they accepted! Happy days..

A quick clean of the fuses and it started up pretty quickly. Apparently for the first time in years. The K-jet was all gunked up though, and the throttle was all over the place. Towed it home and the rest is history.. Turns out I struck gold and the car is what some might call a barn find. One owner took very good care of it, 190,000 on the odo (Still working), perfectly straight, very clean interior, mechanically good, everything electrical works.

Aside from the fuel system needing a good refresh, and a bit of rust around the rear windscreen that didn't look TOO bad (was i wrong! 😅), wasn't a big job to get this back on the road.


  • Only non original part on the car was a diesel style fuel filter on intake side of engine bay bypassing the stock filter. Strange. Was quick to remove that. Also an aftermarket trans cooler had been fitted.

  • Liqui-moly engine detox and fuel system cleaner/conditioner worked wonders on the engine. Ticked over nicely and throttle free'd up after I got it going. Good compression, no smoke, no nothing just a bit of missing at idle. Once I knew it was healthy I started throwing parts at it.

    Big tune-up and refresh. Flushed the fuel lines and tank, new filters all around, hoses, timing belt, water pump, oil seals, gaskets.. the works.

    New lease on life for the valve cover. Very important. :)

    New shoes were a must, refurbished some cheap Virgos I also found on Facebook. Never realised there are two types..? These are stamped made in Norway (not Germany) and seem to be a noticeably lighter alloy.. hmm!

  • buddyglitchTommy @buddyglitch Melbourne
    edited May 4

    New K-jet Injector seals and gasket solved the last little bit of misfire at idle.

    Needed a couple things for roadworthy like driveshaft uni-joint, steering rack boots, rear muffler, other misc things. Easy enough.

    Unfortunately got stung for some rust above the rear windscreen. Peeling back the rubber trim revealed a patch of chunky rust on the sill bubbling up into the roof. Car sat for a few weeks whilst I sadly deliberated for a while, then bit the bullet and got it repaired professionally. The cost was justifiable considering how little I spent purchasing the car and the work I'd already put in.... PJ Panels, Dandenong did a great job and reasonable price. Cut out the rust, re-welded and resprayed the roof. (Forgot to take before photos!)

    cha ching! Now I have two full regos! :O

  • My plans are lower suspension and possibly a manual swap in future, but I'm really enjoying it as is and want to keep it fairly original. Scored some round headlights and grille etc. from that Volvo wreckers Lloyds auction.. that's all im doing for a while!

    Must resist urge to do silly things like this ^ (saving that for the wagon!😊)

  • Crazy how far its come with a small clean up. Looks great, hopefully she serves you well for many years to come!

  • It's great as it is, very well done.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Looks fantastic Tommy @buddyglitch well done! Great colour combination and looks nice with the Virgos and round headlights too. Debating about whether to do the switch on my 79 wagon...we’ll see.

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