240 Full orange indicator

So just got this indicator imported from Germany, and it doesn’t fit my 75 front.

The shape is correct but the bolt holes are at a different angle to the 75 so the screws won’t go in.

Help please


  • What's the part number on the blue box?

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Yeah there were 2 designs - IIRC Cibie brand and Hella brand (possibly one had 2 screws and the other 3?) You might be able to find some of the 2-screw housings to suit your new orange lenses...

  • 1234139 is a right hand Hella lens. It fits into a RH Hella housing, p/n 1259739.

    If your existing lens or housing is a Cibie, it will likely have that brand name or "France" embossed on it somewhere.

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