C30 Coolant leak

Went out to my newly acquired C30 a couple of days ago to find the driveway wet with coolant after it had been parked for an hour or so, checked the expansion tank and it was empty. Topped it up temporarily with tap water and am going to flush and refill today with coolant. I have heard these tanks weaken with age. I suspect it me have a crack that opened up with the many short trips I did in traffic and high air temps that paericlar day. Have been monitoring it over the past 2 days and its fine.

I intend to replace the tank regardless. Are there good after market jobbies out there? Or do I need to venture into a stealership?😕


  • This is a very common problem with those models. Buy a genuine tank and watch the coolant level so you don’t overheat

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    And it could be a cracked cap as well so buy genuine cap too.

    Sandwood Trading is a great local supplier a lot of us support, good prices and good stock.

    Others can comment if some of the rest of cooling system parts need done at same time.

    @timbo ?

  • Best to get a genuine coolant tank, they're only about $80 from Volvo or Ford if you give them an xr5 vin. Aftermarket can be hit and miss with fit and finish not worth the hassle.

    Check the heater hose coupling near the firewall for any signs of leak too

  • You should be able to easily see the cracks and where the leak originated from. The tank is clear plastic which makes it thin and fragile, the cap is a more thick non clear type plastic and won’t crack under normal conditions but they can leak as well.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
  • Thanks Tim. It turned out to be the heater hose coupling as you alludded to. It looks to be a plastic coupling designed for quick easy joining during manufacture. The hoses look fine, the leak looks to be where the house joins the coupling. Thinking as a quck fix till new hoses come in (might as well replace), is to replace the clamps with worm drives and the plastic coupling with metal pipes with the necessary flares. Opinions?

  • Get the smooth hose clamps with the rolled ends and no holes in the clamp which cut into the hose ala 240 740 940 factory fitted ones with AWAB on them

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