XC90 XC90 D5 2008

Hi, Does anybody know where in Australia I can get a new Turbo Actuator for XC90 D5.Thank you


  • You talking about the wastegate actuator or the electronic solenoid that controls pressure to the wastegate actuator ?

  • Hi Actual waste gate actuator. Its electronic and sits on the turbo bracket and controls the rod that opens and closes the waste gate. Thanks Brett

  • Read the title as T5 instead of D5 for some reason

    Turbo is of the VGT/VNT type and does not have a wastegate per say

    I've never had to do one on a D5,

    BMW land where I have done many, I had to have a special bosch tool to calibrate the movement of the arm vs flow while on a specific bench test before installing into a car

    I'm not sure if the same applies for Volvo or if you can just swap in a new one and the volvo systems auto calibrate it every time it starts the car

    Is yours frozen or tossing a code or something else?

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