S/V60 Replacing inner guards on p2 cars that use rivets

A number of p2 cars use rivets instead of screws to hold the inner guard to the bodywork

The following rivets can be easily found at Bunnings and are the correct size for sub $5 for 25

The correct drill size is 5mm which is the stock hole size, if someone has used a larger drill bit, the easiest solution is to also buy some m5 washers while at Bunnings

Stainless steel or zinc are preferred because of rust issues (3/16" or m5)

First use a file to remove any sharp burrs if they are present on the back side, then clean the back side of the hole with a rag with brake or carb cleaner, the carb or brake cleaner will need 5 min to dry after cleaning

I use small dabs of cheap superglue to put the washers in place on the back side of the steel or plastic part of the body where the hole has become too large from removing previous rivets after the superglue dries (5minutes or so depending on temperature ) you should only need to hold the washer in the right spot for 30 seconds or so

The you can proceed as normal with riveting

Tool wise, the higher quality of the rivet gun the better and quicker of a result you will get

Any riveter will work, at the same time i have this guy and it makes doing each side very quick with near zero effort

These show with and without a flash how they match in with the car



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