740 & 760 B230F 740GL Turbo Conversion

Hi all,

I'm in the process of purchasing a B230FT with the full kit to fit and go into my 740. I have the AW70L transmission and i'm wondering how that will hold up. It only has 140,000ks on it and i've flushed it with Mobil synthetic ATF as per the required intervals - just did it literally 100km ago. No slips and very smooth shifts.

I know that some people despise this, but what are my chances? I'd rather not change the transmission as its a pain the backside for me and a bit more expensive. I am only going to be running the turbo at stock boost. Obviously i don't want to blow my transmission and i'd rather not take chances.

I've already got all the other turbo stuff, such as brand new turbo injectors, fuel system etc.


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