S80 Grinding noise from front brakes

My better half went to take the S80 to work this morning, and the front driver's side wheel was making a catostrophic grinding noise. It sounds like a backing plate dragging on something. Before I crawl under and have a look, any issues with these to look for?


  • Problem solved. It wasn't making the noise in reverse; he stone would roll to a spot where it was only just rubbing the edge of the rotor.

    The when it was in drive, it would move back again and make the god awful racket.

    A bootful of throttle in reverse and it probably would have spat the stone out.

    @iceton1975 - my wife dropped our V50 in a while back making the same noise, but it had stopped and you guys couldn't find anything wrong. My guess is that by the time she got there, the stone had dropped out.

  • Had the same thing happen on our C30...the joys of driving on unsealed roads! :)

  • That is the weirdest thing - the last time we drove unsealed roads was at Phillip Island 4 weeks ago. May have been in there a while.

  • Gotta watch for rocks in the wheels, small or large. One night I a few years ago left my daughters place for the 80 km trip home. The first part of the trip is restricted to 60 kms before the freeway starts, ok all well. Soon as I accelerated on the on ramp of the freeway the steering wheel was nearly torn our of my hands, the vibrations shook the car and I had to back off back to 60kmh and take the back roads home. Unusually I did not stop on the way, caught all the lights so the rock stayed where it was

    While I was parked at my daughters the council laid 30cm of fresh toppings on the service road and did not roll them in. Wheel spinning was the order of the night trying to get a grip while doing a tight turn to get up on the bitumen.

    Bloody long trip home! Next morning, thinking about buggered new tyres I found the culprit. See photo.

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