240 240 starter motor change.

Attempting this tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

Is it adventurous to lower the engine to make access easier? I have new engine mounts Im keen to fit at the same time if you blokes this its the way to go?



  • How many tools do you own?

    I found a 3/8" socket extension with universal joint fits easier than 3/4", no need to release the engine or transmission

  • If you get stuck I could come and help you

  • Ive got most tools. Planning on buying the uni joint tomorrow from bunnings.

    If you want to pop over that would be great! Im in Randwick fwiw. Planning on cracking on with it about 9am, assuming the swearing will start at 9:30!

    Ill post up if Im in need. Beers are in the fridge at the completion! Would be nice to have a Volvo expert have a sticky beak at the 240 anyway to confirm a few small irritations!


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