**SOLD** 400+hp Turbo kit for 5 cyl motors - $800

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Included is the following:

  • “Japan” manifold that has been lightly ported, then ceramic coated silver
  • Original Audi TTRS turbocharger (built 2019, 7,000km’s in total) with ported turbine housing, matched to suit the exhaust manifold. 2.5” intake tube welded to compressor housing, turbine housing ceramic coated silver, wastegate port has been ported and smoothed to reduce EGT’s, backpressure and boost spikes.
  • 4” V-band welded to turbine housing for easy/quick install and removal
  • 3” downpipe with 4”vband welded on, and new flex pipe welded into position. Ceramic coated in black
  • turbo and manifold instal in standard position. Original oil lines can be reused with a little fettling (the thread of the oil line is identical, the size of oil outlet tube is also identical.
  • these turbos have been proven to go well beyond 400whp with tuning and bolt-on mods such as exhaust, ECU and intake
  • Located: Arcadia Vale (between Sydney and Newcastle)
  • Price: $1200 slightly negotiable.....go price-up a TTRS turbo and you will be shocked! Also, the ceramic coating is not cheap! Really it is a bargain with virtually bolt-on functionality


  • Bet that would've gone well with that intake.

    Bloody nice stuff there 👍

  • Exactly Stevo, this was perfectly designed to work with the intake manifold I built....good eye there👍

  • That inlet is something hey . I can just picture that being polished up on the outside 😎 time and circumstances is a bitch . Good luck with sale , nice bargin for someone 👍

  • I could be wrong, but that does not look like any 5 cylinder setup I have seen

  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    You are wrong, that is a 5 cylinder manifold and how they are set up.

  • i stand corrected ,I was looking for 5 equal length exhaust runners.

  • Yes, it is the 5 cyl manifold. Due to space restrictions on these motors/chassis’ it is very hard to build an equal length manifold (and is quite unnecessary) as it becomes a huge heavy device that also transfers a ton of heat into the power steering rack and brake booster. Equal length is only of any real functionality if built (designed) within a specific tuning parameter in correlation with intake manifold, camshaft timing, compression, RPM criteria etc.

    For 400hp a reasonably flowing manifold (such as a lightly ported Japan manifold) is all that is needed....i’ve Cross-sectionally cut apart the original TTRS manifold and although the design is quite nice, the runners are tiny and the collector atrocious...yet guys are making 700+hp and running 9 second 1/4mile times through the original Audi manifold. I would suggest the Audi and Volvo manifolds probably flow about the same at a given pressure ratio.

    Now, if you go build a large manifold to run with a smallish turbo you will also lose some spool apart from the heat issues mentioned. For 600hp absolutely...a tubular manifold, done right, will come into it’s own.

  • I would grab it if it fitted my 6 cylinder!

  • I am surprised it hasn’t been snapped-up to be honest! It bolts straight to the car, is a proven OEM turbo and can go past 400hp if you want to push it....turn the boost down to a normal 10-14psi and you’ll still be 75hp above a conventional setup.

  • THIS WEEK ONLY!! $800 pick-up or + postage!!

    THIS WEEK ONLY!! $800 pick-up or + postage!!

    do I have to say it three times!...


  • This has now sold, thank you

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