*PENDING* Custom performance intake manifold for Whiteblock 5 cyl motors

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Intake Manifold:

The intake manifold is unique. It has been cut-in-two and the ports bellmouthed, the inside of the plenum polished and smoothed. The plenum itself has been built-up with weld before porting and machining...increasing the plenum volume by 25%. The larger plenum provides better distribution to the runners and also moves the powerband “to the right” reducing the 2000rpm rod-bending punch and as a result increasing high rpm breathing and power. The standard plenum offers very little chance that the charged air can be evenly distributed (especially to cylinders 1 & 5). This plenum offers better distribution and outright flow throughout the manifold. Also, there are some very restrictive castings inside near the transition from TB to plenum which cannot be removed unless the manifold is cut apart. Those restrictions have been removed to further aid air distribution.

Each of the runners have been ported and smoothed along their entire length and is gasket/port match to the cylinder head. Completed manifold was pressure tested at 3bar for 10hours and has been on my car since June 2019 (approx 600km’s).

The manifold certainly improves the smoothness of the power delivery and the motor breathes far better at the top end. I was testing this on a stock TD04HL-16T and it was a definite improvement. I would never go back to the standard manifold after this. No doubt a larger turbo would really shine when combined with this manifold. Manifold bolts straight on to replace existing manifold.

Note: I never intended to sell this intake manifold so do not have the best photos, but I have circled them in these photos. The photo of the weld being built-up is obviously before final machining. There are at least 35-40 hours of specialised welding, porting and machining in the manufacture of this intake manifold.

Work completed by: Myself/my business 360 Custom Fabrication. I am a qualified Mech Engineer and specialised for years in Fluid Dynamics. Was a developmental Engineer for Cosworth during the CART Champ Car period. I do many specialised porting jobs for clients, so I am experienced in the field.

Reason for sale: moving house and have too many projects. The entire car (C-70 Convertible) will be for sale also

Is the installation difficult: This is a direct bolt-on. No changes are required regarding hardware etc.

Price: $400 pick-up or plus postage

Location: Arcadia Vale 2283 NSW (between Newcastle and Sydney)



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