XC70 LHD mirrors on a RHD xc70 ...will they work?

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Ive been looking at updating my 2001 xc70 with indicators on the door mirrors, finding parts in Aus is expensive and hard to find so buying overseas for me us common. I purchased a pair of 2007 v70 mirrors from Finland, i visited over xmas and brought it back with me. Anyway fitted to my car and they fit and work however when i tried final adjustment the left mirror looked to far to the left cant see car and my drivers right mirror i can mostly only see car. A google search reveals others that have discovered this. The other weird things apart from the Arabic writing is that one mirror fell off as i was handling it and its not glass, its very light and reflective on both sides my guess is aluminium?..have you ever seen a smashed volvo mirror?

Anyway who knew left hand and right hand mirror housings are angled different??


  • The Australian delivered mirrors are glass either they've been replaced or theres some weird law in the Arabic country

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Even the early 240 power mirrors (up to 85) and all 240 mirrors 86-93 have a different angle on the base for LHD and RHD...due to where the driver sits and angle of view...and range of adjustability in the mirror mechanism. So yes, you’ve unfortunately discovered something that’s common on most cars.

    Regarding the Arabic writing on the mirror, that is odd. If it’s quite lightweight it’s possible the mirror is chrome plated plastic. I know some cars have that. Not as scratch-resistant as glass but maybe it was used in markets where ice and ice scrapers were not an issue...

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