XC60 Harsh shift 2nd to 1st 2012 XC60 T6 R=Design.

Calling out to anyone that has the below issue with coasting to a near stop then accelerating with a hard shift into first gear. I found the below Tech Journal that explains the exact issue however the local Volvo Dealership knows nothing about it or its not a thing in Australia. I pulled it off Sweedspeed. I guess i want to know if anyone in Australia has the same issue and if they have managed to do anything about it.

Technical Journal 31210

CSC Customer Symptom Codes

Code Description

ND Automatic transmission/Shifts rough or jerky/When downshifting

Operation Number

VST Operation Number Description

43713-2 Automatic gearbox test drive/adaptation

DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes




If using a printed copy of this Technical Journal, first check for the latest online version.

This Software (SW) only applies to vehicles in the list above and with Transmission Control Module

(TCM) hardware part number (HWPN) 31312609.

If the vehicle has TCM HWPN 30751946 or 31342781, then the TCM would have to be replaced with

HWPN 31312609 in order to accept the SW.

The downshift threshold for 2-1 gearshift has been set to 1 MPH compared to 4 MPH in the previous

version. This change was implemented as part of several shift performance upgrades to solve rough

shifts during the 5-4 downshift, N-D garage shift and Neutral Control.

Since the speed threshold was lowered in the latest software version, customers may experience a

different behaviour when coming to a rolling stop, but never coming to a complete stop, followed by a

quick acceleration.


If customer complains about a rough 2-1 downshift during a rolling stop, even though customer has

latest TCM software, please download TCM software according to SP numbers below.

Be aware that downloading this software will remove ALL fixes related to C1 issues, like rough 5-4

downshifts, N-D garage shift and Neutral Control.

SP 31456524 should be used for vehicle type




SP 31456542 should be used for vehicle type




  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    If you haven't had the gearbox flushed by an independent Volvo shop (or indeed any competent auto service shop) there is your problem.

    My 2011 T6 came to me with 150K klms and the gearbox fluid was black and smelled rank but my auto is good, it does need flushed again at 189K.

    Tell us where you are we can point you to a proper Volvo tech , dealers just charge lots for little gain.....

    You may be fine with flushing properly then again in 20-30K klms but these autos do fail.

    Btw, the rear haldex needs a filter and fluid change as well.

  • Thanks for the reply. I am in Adelaide and already have had Mike form VOA replace and flush the fluid, and adaption reset. The car has only done 40K Km anyway. Yeah Haldex is a good idea. Best I look into it. What I think we need is someone who can tune the autos.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    He is your man then. Go back and get codes checked.

  • There were not any fault codes when we did the flush...I think. Better check but he did show me what the Vida software is all about when plugged into my car. However he cant tell what software version is loaded. Only Volvo have that capability. From what I know anyway.

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