240 240 turbo conversion oil cooler lines

Hey guys I'm getting ready to drop a B230ft into my 240 soon just wondering what everyone is doing for the oil cooler lines ...

Ive got the oil/air cooler from the 740 just wondering if all the lines clear everything / will the extension housing leave enough room for the downpipe(3") and if I should mount the cooler in roughly the same spot it was on the 740.

Also trans cooler lines , should I just run it straight to the radiator like in the 240 or also add the extra cooler the 740 had.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Cheers guys




  • Opinions will vary, but I'd prefer to keep engine coolant, engine oil cooling, and transmission fluid cooling completely separate. Transmission oil cooling via the radiator can end up in an expensive situation where the ATF and engine coolant interchange when the unseen pipe in the radiator corrodes and fails, which will trash the auto trans.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Yeah I did have that thought as it's happened to me once before and would prefer not to go thru that again , I don't see any issues running the external trans cooler everything should fit as it's meant too but I could be wrong things are going to get tight the more crap I keep adding to the bay , I'm mainly wondering about the oil cooler setup with the 740 extension and external cooler I have heard the lines can foul and the extension may not clear the Downpipe so just trying to confirm what the best plan of attack would be .

  • The fit in a RHD 240 is always going to be tight (you already know about flipping the collapsible steering joint 180 degrees so there's more clearance for exhaust, right?) but the transmission lines can be re-routed a bit so they're not a problem.

    As far as using the extension arm and sandwich plate on the engine oil cooler goes, have a look at the build thread "Nina's 1981 244 DL - "Billie"" around pages 17 and 18, and you'll see there are some folks who've made it work on a 240, and other folks who've done something different.

  • What would happen if no engine oil cooler was used? Based on the proviso that the engine will be used on the street, and not raced

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Yeah I know of flipping the steering shaft to make more room I'll go have a read of that thread now cheers mate .

    It will just be a daily driven car and mainly driven by the misses so I'm sure it would be fine but I will end up giving it a hard time here and there so for me it's probably best I run a cooler , I was reading on a thread earlier some people don't run them and haven't had issues but I have no real clue turbos are new to me Ive got a lot of things to learn over the next few months .

  • For you my advice, don't bother going to all that hassle for a road car which will be used in traffic 90% of the time

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    its more the other 10% of the time im worried about , we do some big trips in the car and a lot of mountain runs ( cause the only way out of here is up the mountain ) i would just prefer to do it all right once and not have to worry about it later

  • Up to you, but to me that 10% you're worried about isn't really something to be concerned about, if it were mine, I wouldn't. Also it is much easier to fit a temp gauge to see what the oil's getting up to, you may be suprised even going up the mountain the temp might not climb as much as you think

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Yeah you're right i might just install a oil temp gauge and see what kind of temps im actually getting before stuffing around with the oil cooler it might just be fine , i did just read you can make the 740 extension and lines work bending them around stuff but if im going to do it i would like it to be neat and proper i would probarly get some hoses made up and just run a sandwich plate instead of the extension to save some space , i think im just overthinking things now im trying to make sure i have a good game plan in place and everything is here ready to go so i can smash it out over a wknd have it booked in for the exhaust on the monday morning and not have the car off the road for long

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    FWIW we had a 240 Turbo (B21FT) in the US and it had an oil temp gauge...oil got VERY HOT in traffic in hot ambient temps with the AC on etc. It had the sandwich plate running to the 740T style oil cooler. Stock B21FT set-up. Caveat - the B21FT in the US has the catalytic converter basically in the downpipe, so a lot of heat is generated in the engine bay.

    My dad just did a B230FT conversion in his 240T and had lines made up to run from the extension housing to the cooler...otherwise yes, the 740T hard lines will foul the engine mount bracket. I have yet to see pics of somebody who actually used the 740T hard lines and just “bent” them to fit, but maybe it can be done. I’d like to see it as I have a B230FT to go in my 91 wagon some day.

    Also, FWIW on my dad’s conversion, which is left-hand drive, he has a custom 3-inch downpipe and it was fairly tight clearing the oil filter extension housing...that’s with no steering shaft...

  • Ive been running mine with no cooler and although Ive no temp gauge it has been fine. Im keen to put an air oil cooler on it for the planned ‘drive to nyc from syd’ trip later in the year.

    I would be more concerned about keeping the water temps in check. With the AC and intercooler in front of the rad, the extra heat the the turbo adds to the cooling system and the auto trans fluid to keep cool the 240 rad barely keeps it cool. As soon as you get into it for more than 5 minutes it can get pretty hot. Mine needs a better flowing exhaust and a lower temp Tstat which Im fitting tomorrow so will report back.

    Are you planning on running an Efan or the clutch fan?

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Hmm I think some more research might be needed to find a nice solution .. it does get bloody hot here and even know it's daily driven I would like to be able to give it a hard time and maybe take it down the 1/4 mile occasionally to see what it will do , I'm thinking it's going to need some lines made up but wondering if it's better running the extension or a sandwich plate ...

    I won't have any of the AC stuff in the car and I have a near new radiator I'll be running the clutch fan and I always run the cooler thermostats so coolant temp shouldn't really be an issue but I guess time will tell

  • With the coolant temp being kept under control that will somewhat keep the oil getting too hot also

  • Can 740 oil cooler hardlines be bend enough to fit a 240? Yes, ive seen it done, but it wasn't pretty.

    You would be better of making flexible lines up.

    Thay said, Ive helped build a couple 240 turbos, neither of which ran an oil cooler. Im peneral its pretty common to not bother with a cooler. Just run good oil and service appropriately and its fine.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Ok good to know , I think my plan of attack is to start with no cooler and a oil temp gauge to see what kind of temps I'm getting then if need be I'll add one later on with some flexible lines to keep everything neat and tidy , I'm actually trying to do the wagon all neat and proper when it's time to do the 360 I'll Frankenstein the shit out of it and definitely run a cooler cause that car cops a flogging everytime I drive it hahaha

  • I am in the middle of fitting a 740 sandwich plate to a B23 (as not rear mount for the remote housing) in a 200 series and the lines I had made with a 90 deg bend are lots of trouble getting around the steering shaft. i am considering swapping it out for the 940 oil-water cooler that was mentioned in another thread that is still available from Skandix for $200. Probalby some extra water hoses, though a lot less joins in oil lines to leak (the b230FT in the 240 has this every year or so).

    It would be much neater too. Need to research more...

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    I actually just sold a 940 water-oil cooler from what I was reading they don't fit well at all they are quite chunky compared to the 740 extension arm

  • Ok, thanks, maybe I will find an old one to test with first. I was planning to mount it under the oil filter and not on the remote mount.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Hey Dave, I've run turbo motors in all three configurations:

    1. 740-style with an arm off the block
    2. Sandwich plate right on the block
    3. No oil cooler

    Currently I don't run an oil cooler and after 18 months of it honestly I haven't had any issues with temps, oil getting burned or anything like that, but the car only runs 10psi. I do like to thrash it occasionally, and I change the oil about every 5000km.

    The 740 extension arm I would avoid, it's a real nuisance for routing the oil hoses. A sandwich plate on the block is less work and leaves a bit more clearance for your downpipe. The main issue is getting the oil lines around the steering column safely. I had one get caught by the knuckle once and it dumped oil all over the carpark floor in Broadway shopping centre, lots of fun.

    If I were going to add an oil cooler today, I think I would mount the oil cooler between the condenser and radiator, on the rad support panel, bend up hardlines with AN fittings and run them from the oil cooler down the driver's chassis rail, then run a braided line from the chassis rail to the block. You could also do this with soft lines but just make sure you make liberal use of P-clips.

    If you do want to run a sandwich plate off the block and require an extended oil filter thread, the filter thread is 3/4"-16 here's one on eBay. Finally, if you want to remove your oil filter thread without destroying the thread, use a thread extractor down the inside of it, works great.

  • I'm running the extension housing from a 940T on a B23ET & it's a pain in the bum. Clearance sucks, the 23 and 230 coolant transfer pipes don't interchange without modification and the 940T setup requires an additional fitting off of that pipe above and into the cooler. Weirdly I don't have clearance on the 23 for a conventional filter wrench where there was on the 230.

    I also learned the 23 and 230's have different locations for the turbo oil supply and drain to one another.

    I plan to remote mount the filter and cooler when I next delve into it.

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