240 C30 R design seats into 240

pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

Thought this may be of use to someone

Happened to be at pick and part today and they had a c30 R design there, a mate bought the seats for a ridiculously cheap price and it was almost a straight bolt in for the 240 .

We removed the c30 seat rails and the 240 rails pretty much bolted straight to the seat , the rear needed a couple washers and a longer bolt to be the right width , it keeps the 240 manual slider , that's as far as we got need to figure out what wires do what to power the recline function and I'm guessing heated seats will be able to work as well

They fit really nice they are a good width , the seat base is a great height I'm not a fan of the headrest and they sit about an inch higher then the 240 headrest but overall it looks quite neat , bloody comfy seats too ..

No idea what year model the c30 was it was missing the whole front end but apart from that looked brand new and had 70k on it .

These are the only pics I grabbed while I was there .



  • 240240 @240 Canberra

    You sure those seats didn't come out of a V40? I've never seen a c30 with those seats.

    Good find though, looks awesome!

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Maybe it was , I don't know anything about newer cars it was a little hatchback , AWD thing there was no panels, badges anything left on it just the interior I assumed it was the c30

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    I think you're correct mate after a quick google of both I now know what a V40 is hahaha it was a 4 door hatch so has to be the V40

  • Looks like a great swap there . Nicely done 😎

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Presumably C30/S40/V50 seats would work as well. Interesting...thanks for sharing! :)

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    No problem I was quite surprised the 240 rails just bolted on thinking I might need to get a pair myself I would like to find some different headrests that fit the seat though they just look abit odd in the 240.

  • Is there any way to confirm which model the seats came out of?

    They are nice seats, and Id like to pursue this to see if they might go in mine.


  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW
    edited February 21

    Pretty positive it was a v40R if you google v40R seats the same ones are shown .

    I quite like them and they fit brilliantly in the 240 size wise and the rails are basically a bolt on job the only thing that looks weird to me is the headrests they don't suit the shape of the 240 and sit about an inch higher then the 240 headrests I'll be getting a pair for my 240 eventually and then trying to find a different headrests that fits and suits better , they are extremely comfortable and the leather was really nice and soft definitely a good upgrade

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Headrests are probably non removable unless you disassemble the seat. And then fabricate a way to hold new ones.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    This is probably true , I could live with the headrests if I had to but they would shit me everytime I looked at them haha I was hopeful they would pull out like most headrests and I could find/modify a pair to fit I'll have a closer look while I'm at my mates place tomorrow

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    It's like you are painting the ceiling, you see every little imperfection , weeks later you don't even look.....

  • Hey, thats a good idea. Paint the headrests, and he wont notice them.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    That might be how normal people's brains work but not mine I'll obsess over it till it sends me mad hahaha

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Just go mad about everything else, yell at apostrophes, rant at street signs,drag a chain around and look sad and ask people if they have seen a chimpanzee.....

    You'll get over the headrests.

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