XC90 Chinese Nivomat Shocks

HI Gents

I have a small but annoying vibe ruining an otherwise pristine ride from the left rear on my 2006 MY07 XC90-V8 (133K km) (Its not Tyre or wheels & have 2 alignments done)

I'm changing the rear trailing air front bushing (small cracks) but thinking the shocks are dead or allowing the wheels to bounce.

Anyways, Original nivomats at FCP euro are about AUD$1,100 a pair delivered, a bit too much for just a try, and forget dealers as > AUD$3,000 a pair here in Perth.

The Chinese Item are claimed to be self leveling and are ~500 bucks a pair delivered from seemingly reputable online stores specialising in OEM/ Compatible Air shocks.

Has Anyone tried them?

if you search for "30639791" in aliexpress, they come up. I figure the XC90 was made in China for a couple or years so figured the OEM parts for the local assembly were made there too.



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